El Rey

Thanks for washing my hair, son. Do you want to dry me off now?

Have you ever been fucked in the ass, baby?
No, dad. But I want to try it.

Her hand worked at a steady pace as he groaned through the tape over his mouth.  He started to whimper as she smiled up at him.  Finally, he couldn’t hold out any longer, and the 5th load of the day started to shoot out of the man’s cock.  ”There, see.  It feels so good doesn’t it… I bet you want to do it again already, don’t you?” she whispered as she looked at his cock and kept stroking.  The man whimpered again, shaking his head no.  She wiped his cum from his stomach with the same rag she had used all morning and grinned, “Oh, come on now… why stop now?  Why stop at all?”

Sister said: Pull out.He decided to pull out. Just a little bit too late.