El Rey

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Do it bro….we only have a few minutes before the rest of the family gets home…..so fill up your horny little sis like a proper brother…..

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When I heard him come into the kitchen behind me, I just turned my head and smiled. “Good morning, honey. Sleep well?”
He just nodded and came up behind me. “Morning, Mom,” he said as he caressed my ass. “Missed you in bed when I woke up.”
"Well, I had to get started on breakfast, didn’t I?" I asked as I bent forward slightly and let him insert his hard cock into my wet pussy when I felt it nudging me between my legs. Breakfast could wait, I guessed. It was time for us to greet the day the same way we’d said farewell to it the night before - with a nice fuck.

My daughter told me that it’s gross for her to lick it, but ever since she walked in on me alone in my study, she insists on knowing and “watching” whenever I take my alone-time.