El Rey

"oh so you took Kendra to a random room in the house and she let you blow her load on her right at the house party?"
"yeap, she loved it and licked up every drop"
"holy shit I wish I would do anything to  find myself a nice cumslut…wait…what was her last name?"
"But you’re last name is Rogers„,"
"Yep. You said you would do anything, but I would do anyONE ;)"

my sister just loved taking loads from any guy with the balls to walk out with their cock out and try to shove it down her throat. I was no exception.

My brother fucks me for hours. I wish he’d help me catch up on my homework afterwards.


"Please shove your cock into mommy, honey, I don’t care which hole I just need your big prick filling me up nowww!”

I always obey Mom

"Oh God! OH GOD! You’re coming inside me!!" my sister screamed.
"NNNNNGHHHH SIS!!!! FUCKKKKKK" I blasted my load insider her.
"You’re gonna get me pregnant!!"
"FUCKKKK YEAHHHHHH!!!!!" Her words made me cum harder and harder, filling her fertile cunt up with all of my seed.

You could say my brother and I spend a lot of time together…