El Rey

= F…Fuck your big sister..fuck her hard..

"oh so you took Kendra to a random room in the house and she let you blow her load on her right at the house party?"
"yeap, she loved it and licked up every drop"
"holy shit I wish I would do anything to  find myself a nice cumslut…wait…what was her last name?"
"But you’re last name is Rogers„,"
"Yep. You said you would do anything, but I would do anyONE ;)"

my sister just loved taking loads from any guy with the balls to walk out with their cock out and try to shove it down her throat. I was no exception.

My brother fucks me for hours. I wish he’d help me catch up on my homework afterwards.


"Please shove your cock into mommy, honey, I don’t care which hole I just need your big prick filling me up nowww!”

I always obey Mom

"Oh God! OH GOD! You’re coming inside me!!" my sister screamed.
"NNNNNGHHHH SIS!!!! FUCKKKKKK" I blasted my load insider her.
"You’re gonna get me pregnant!!"
"FUCKKKK YEAHHHHHH!!!!!" Her words made me cum harder and harder, filling her fertile cunt up with all of my seed.